Based on the powerful Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Germany-based tuner Novitec present the limited edition Novitec Rosso N-Largo S. Only eleven examples will be built of the 781 hp (574 kW) Italian widebody monster.


The F12 Berlinetta is converted to a true track monster by Ferrari specialist Novitec, boasting an upgraded 6.3-liter V12 engine and a dynamically styled widebody kit. Starting with the aesthetics of the tuned Italian supercar, German designer Vittorio Strosek was called in to perform his magic on the exterior of the F12 together with the Novitec design team.

In order to get the most out of the F12’s newly acquired racing character, extra attention has been paid to the use of lightweight materials and functional components that effectively improve the car’s aerodynamics. It therefore comes as no surprise that the main material used for the car’s freshly designed widebody is carbon fiber. For testing purposes, the N-Largo S underwent intensive wind tunnel sessions.

The wider body jumps into the eye immediately with a wider front- and rear-end of the F12. The air-intakes at the front grow by 7 centimeters in width and the car’s rear-end grows by a total of 14 centimeters in width thanks to flares molded to the production body. Additional pro of the wider rear-end is the fact that it allows for extra-large wheels.

New 21- and 22-inch five double-spoke NF6 NL wheels were specifically developed for the Novitec Rosso N-Largo S. They boast a lightweight yet robust design and can be finished in any desired color or combination. To enhance the cars dynamic performance on both track and road, the flashy wheels are ideally shod with Pirelli’s P Zero tires.

The suspension doesn’t remain untouched either and is revised with Novitec Rosso sport springs that lower the ride height by about 40 mm. An optional lift system for the front axle should take car of the occasional speed bump and garage entry and make the N-Largo S more practical.

Leaving practicalities aside, this ultimate version of the F12 was made to tear up the race track and therefore we ought to pay some extra attention to the modifications that benefit the car’s aerodynamic performance. The front bumper and central front blade, optionally available in carbon fiber, are shaped to give the car a more aggressive stance. Additionally the enlarged air intakes improve engine cooling and divert cold air towards the front brakes as well, broadening their cooling function.

The aerodynamic artwork continues on the hood where a carbon outlet is fitted that directs the relative wind straight over the roof. On the side airflow is directed towards the rear fenders while passing the custom carbon mirror caps. For the sake of downforce the rear-end of the N-Largo get’s a roof spoiler lip and a carbon rear airfoil.

The custom rear bumper impresses with its three gill-shaped vents on either side of the wheel wells, similar looking to the limited-edition Ferrari F12 TDF. The five-piece diffusor plays a separate role in the aerodynamic concept, optionally available in carbon fiber it surely contributes to its new racing looks.

Let’s not forget the engine bay, where Novitec put some serious effort into raising the F12’s already impressive performance. A performance kit was developed that boosts peak power of the 6.3-liter four-valve 12-cylinder to 781 hp (574 kW) at 8,600 rpm. Torque was raised to 722 Nm at 6,400 rpm. The basics of the performance upgrade comprise new mapping for injection and ignition as well as the Novitec Rosso high-performance quad-exhaust system.

The transmission is also revised to feature even shorter shift times by flicking the newly designed carbon fiber paddles behind the steering wheel. A 0-100 km/h sprint only takes 3 seconds and the car’s top speed is limited at 350 km/h. Custom interior styling is available upon request and involves complete reworks in any color / leather combination including Alcantara.

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