Bentley Motors’ exclusive car building division have teamed up with the high-performance audio guru’s of Monster. Together they present this Monster by Mulliner Bentley Continental GT V8 S at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas.

The Bentley Continental GT V8 S is already quite the monster in a good sense, being one of the most powerful Bentley’s in their current model line-up. The company ‘Monster’ have created a custom sound system comprising 16 hand selected Monster speakers, which is not available in any production car in the world. The sound system is literally unheard of, delivering 3,400-watt of pure Monster sound to the lucky ones that are in the market for this exclusive Bentley Continental GT.

Speaking of the market, the Monster by Mulliner Continental GT is supposed to appeal to young professional athletes and musicians. The exclusive Bentley embodies Monster’s distinctive colour scheme of black and red, which we can clearly find back in the interior of the luxury vehicle.

Mulliner shows off their styling with Hotspur Continental GT V8 S Beluga hide and steering rim colour selections. Mulliner furthermore created a 3D laser-etched fascia panel just for this vehicle, complimenting the Piano Black finish. The headrest embroidery reflects Monster’s motto: ‘Always lead, never follow’, as well as the text: ‘Monster by Mulliner’.

The exterior of the car matches the interior featuring mainly black and red accents. The bodykit on this Continental GT is unique and the luxury car also features a unique radiator shell bezel. Other exterior finishes include unmissable red-finished brake calipers, wheels that are finished in gloss black and custom black bonnet vents. Cherry on the cake is a special compartment housing Monster’s 24k gold exclusive wireless headphones. You know, just in case you can’t go without the Monster sound standard when away from the car.

Just like many of the exclusive Bentley’s leaving the Mulliner division’s factory doors, the production of this Monster by Mulliner Bentley Continental GT V8 S will be a limited edition.

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