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Widebody 2017 Ford GT a Thing of Dreams

When customer deliveries of the 2017 Ford GT kick off next year, it is inevitable that tuning companies will be rushing to get their hands on the brand new American supercar. We’re expecting to see an array of visual and performance modifications revealed in the not too distant future and it seems likely that at least one firm will develop a widebody kit for the new GT.

To give us an idea of how such a vehicle could look, Khyzyl Saleem has released the following rendering of a widebody Ford GT looking absolutely insane on a narrow city street. The kit has evidently been inspired by the offerings of tuning firm Liberty Walk and includes flared front and rear wheel arches, a new splitter, side skirts and a large fixed rear bootlid lip spoiler.

Considering that the new Ford GT utilises a completely active rear wing, we’d be surprised if any tuning firm’s decide to eliminate that important piece of tech purely in favour of aesthetics.



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