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Ford GT Mansory

Mansory Reveals Second Ford GT “Le Mansory”

Mansory has shown yet another iteration of “Le Mansory” that is based on the Ford GT. The Le Mansory is limited to 3 units...
Liquid Carbon Ford GT

Liquid Carbon Ford GT Revealed with Full Exposed Carbon

Chicago - Following their invitation-only unveiling of the exposed carbon fiber GT supercar, Ford rolled it out onto the floor of the Chicago Auto...
Liquid Carbon Ford GT Doors

Ford Unveils Upgraded GT for 2020, Special Editions

Chicago - Ford unveiled their upgraded 2020 GT at a special off-site presentation to kick off the 2020 Chicago Auto Show. Beneath the black...
2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition 001

2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition 001 to be Auctioned for Charity

Ford confirmed earlier this week that it would donate a 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition for auction with the proceeds of the sale going...
Full Carbon Ford GT

Ford GT Uses the Exact Same Gearbox as AMG GT, But Price is Double

It's no secret that several high profile manufacturers share fundamental gearbox components. The market is dominated by the likes of Getrag and ZF. Most...
Full Carbon Ford GT

Ford GT Carbon Series Revealed – 18KG Lighter

The 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series was officially unveiled earlier this week. It is the lightest car in the GT line up, utilising carbon...
Ford GT Fire in Germany

German Ford GT Catches Fire in Munich

A rather strange incident happened last weekend. A brand new Ford GT, only recently delivered to its owner in Munich, Germany, caught fire. The...

Ford Sues John Cena for Selling His New 2017 Ford GT

Ford's process for assigning the new Ford GT to customers has been among the most stringent in recent years. Many potential customers have been...

2018 Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition Announced

The Ford GT is only just being delivered to customers, yet Ford have already announced a special edition. The Ford GT ’67 Heritage edition...

Two Unique 2017 Ford GTs Delivered – Beryllium Orange & Atlas Green

Amongst some of the most anticipated cars is the new Ford GT. Despite having been announced for quite a while now, the car’s production...