Koenigsegg CCX

A thousand horsepower monster named CCX is Koenigsegg’s only car available in México right now. Privately imported a few years back, and spotted a very few times on the street, this car is as rare as a Pagani in the country and it makes Veyrons appear much less important to the Mexican supercar enthusiasts.

The car is on sale for around 21 million pesos (roughly $1,350,000 USD) and can be found at the supercar dealer Prestige Premium Exclusive Cars located in León, Guanajuato. Although it is now in Guanajuato, it has been seen in Monterrey and México City for sale, so our guess is the asking price might not be friendly for every supercar enthusiast out there.

Nevertheless, if you happen to be interested in acquiring it and want to know all the details on it, contact the premium dealership in México and make sure to send us a test drive video. Given that kind of money, would you buy this Koenigsegg or a different car? (No, modded GTRs are not an option!)

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