Koenigsegg has unveiled its expansion plan which includes an all new state-of-the-art Gemera factory with high-tech production and assembly line, customer lounge, offices, event, showroom and retail spaces.

The factory will also entail additional warehousing, pre-production spaces, a unique experience center as well as a potential all-new on-site track.

Additionally, the expansion results in an on-site building covering over 30,000 square meters in total and the factory will be connected to Koenigsegg’s existing office building, assembly spaces and its four former air-force hangars turned into high-tech production.

The exterior design of the new Gemera factory was inspired by the accordion-like layout of the old Swedish factories. The interior space is open and has been maximized to create more space for growth and accommodate the Gemera program to its full potential.

The Gemera factory will also accommodate Koenigsegg’s megacar engineering and technology development initiative over time, customers will be welcomed to the the ultra-modern customers lounge with its real-time life-size specification process and the cinematic event space will be used for future live-on-location unveilings and announcements.

An on-site track with technical corners for on-location pre-delivery testing and prototype trials will also be added outside the Gemera factory and the main office building. An interactive green space featuring outdoor gyms, alfresco decking for staff dining and tree pods for outdoor meetings during summer will also be added at Valhall park around Koenigsegg’s facility for the employees wellbeing and productivity.

Koenigsegg is also excited to announce a building with its own experience center whereby curious visitors and longtime fans will be allowed access to the Valhall park. The center is 800 square meters and will feature cars past and present on rotation in a gallery space alongside Koenigsegg’s story.

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