The FIA GT Series revealed the world’s first look at the Baku World Challenge with the first ‘virtual’ laps of the street circuit undertaken in top secret at Base Performance Simulators in rural Oxfordshire, England. This was made possible by the hi-tech GT simulator at Darren Turner’s industry leading facility. They put Trackspeed Racing driver, Danny Watts on the simulator.


Watts said;

“It is going to be a real challenge and damn good fun, the first thing you notice is that it has just about every corner you would want to see on a challenging circuit. There are slow speed corners followed by some quick ones and also hairpins and some fast chicanes. I can see immediately that there will be at least two or three very good overtaking opportunities, so all in all it is going to be a real adventure.”

Baku World Challenge which will take place from November 22-24, Watts went ahead to explain,

“It will be a physical and mental test, street circuits always are. But the main challenge will be just getting the initial rhythm of the place right from the beginning of track action. All in all it looks to be a real driver’s track and I think it will create some spectacular racing next month.”

Definitely, simulators are the closest way to experiencing the “wrath” of any racing track. With simulators like iRacing and the new Assetto Corsa racing is brought to an even closer reality for all. Others like rFactor used by major motorsports series like F1 are favored for their flexibility and ability to be tailored into specific options.

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