The USA is one of the greatest places to have a road trip. It has everything you could ever want; Deserts, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, the USA has it all! Mercedes chose to take advantage of the surroundings and organise a 1000 mile rally across Colorado. The annual event features a number classic Mercedes cars that looked particularly fetching while snaking up the epic mountain passes of the Rockies.

Colorado’s Rocky Mountain range provided the perfect setting for the convoy to travel through. Spectacular cars such as the the 300SL, one of the prettiest and valuable cars of all time cruised with elegance and class through some of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping scenery in the world.

However, as the photos will show, a few modern Mercs crashed the classic cars parade. An SLS GT Roaster joined the tour and look fantastic next to the car on which it was inspired by, the 300SL roadster that is remarkably gorgeous when finished in red with matched red wheels.

GTspirit recently tested the SLS Roadster and concluded that it was a brilliant and very capable car. The Roadter truly excels when it comes to performance, accompanied by an astonishing sound track at higher speeds. The sonorous voice is heaven to a rev-head’s ears, even with the roof closed.

Gallery: GTspirit Test the SLS Roadster

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