Alpine A110 to Reincarnate in upcoming Mexican STT-77 Sports Car

There is a new Mexican sports car on the way named the SST-77 a project spear headed by Mexican businessman, Miguel Jimenez. The new renders however indicate some strong relationship between it and the Alpine A110, in this case, the Renault Dinalpin which was the Mexican version of the Alpine A110. Yes, 40 after its death in Mexico, the car may finally find redemption through reincarnation.

The new car will be built with fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber in a factory based in Sahagun City, Mexico where the Dinalpin was originally built. The renders also reveal a mid-engine design feature with two fog lights as in the original Alpine A110.

With no details of the powerhouse, we know that the Alpine A110 used an aluminum-block Renault 16 TS engine that developed 125 horsepower and could hit a top speed of 130mph. Things could be different for this particular model considering that it comes with modern technology on the body meaning even the powerhouse could utilize a modern powerhouse.

[via Autocar]

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