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Christian von Koenigsegg Says Camshafts Will Disappear Within 10 Years

Koenigsegg Hundra

Koenigsegg Hundra

According to automotive engineer and Koenigsegg founder and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, camshafts could disappear from production engines in as little as ten years.

As was revealed in an Inside Koenigsegg episode, Koenigsegg has been developing and testing a camless engine for some time now and if Christian’s predictions turn out to be true, the traditional internal combustion engine is set to receive a major overhaul.

Numerous other car manufacturers have been tinkering with the idea of a camless engine, including BMW, General Motors, Ricardo, Lotus and Valeo. Additionally, Fiat currently employs electro-hydraulic variable valve actuation in its range of Multiair engines.

Although we believe 10 years could be a little too soon for such advancements, it’s exciting news!

[Via Jalopnik]


  1. Major overhaul of the IC engine it is, both in terms of producing far greater efficiency and torque.It might also do away with the need for a gearbox in the IC engine car. Electronic valve actuators may allow infinitely variable valve adjustments that are able to achieve a near parallel torque and power delivery character form the IC engine, Just like in an electric motor.

    But the part that amazes me most is how close this engine already is to an air hybrid plant. Creating dead holes of the cylinders by idling the valves is going to be a lot easier. Leaving the exhaust valves open during engine braking would result in the engine pumping out a lot of air. If this air can be collected and stored, it can be reversed to power the car using the same engine which produced it or leaving the inlet valves open during engine braking would completely eliminate engine drag during engine braking and make available the entire returning force from the wheels available at the crank pulley for larger alternators to harvest.

    Interesting times ahead ;).


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