Volkswagen Phaeton Bentley Conversion

This is brand snobbery at its worst! This Volkswagen Phaeton was recently listed on Craigslist. It features a number of updates that attempt to change its identity from a Volkswagen to a Bentley. None of the changes are particularly successful though, chances are that you will be able to tell the distinctive Phaeton shape a mile off!

The car features a set of Bentley rims, most likely taken from a previous generation Bentley Continental, a set of Bentley brakes, a set of Bentley badges, a modified chrome front grille and a Bentley key fob.

Its one redeeming feature is the fact that it is the Phaeton 6.0 litre W12. It uses the same W12 engine that powers the Bentley Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur. First generation versions feature 414bhp with 551Nm of torque. The seller wants $17,000.

Volkswagen Phaeton Bentley Conversion



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