Tokyo 2013: Subaru BRZ Premium Sport Package Concept

The Subaru BRZ has only been on the market for just over six months, and Subaru has already released a premium variant of their latest sports car dubbed the BRZ Premium Sport Package Concept at the recently concluded Tokyo Auto Salon 2013.

Although the name gives the whole direction of the car away, as it’s basically a more luxurious and upgraded version of the BRZ, the Premium Sport Edition has actually received numerous exterior upgrades rather than just being met with an upgraded interior.

Tokyo 2013: Subaru BRZ Premium Sport Package Concept

As a matter of fact, the outside of the car may have actually received more cosmetic changes than the interior, with a new front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and bumper and side mirrors all being present. Similarly, the car is now fitted with large BBS 19 inch black wheels as well as some seriously upgraded brake discs and callipers.

Inside, the Premium Sport Package features newly appointed seats covered in rich tan leather while the steering wheel is also covered in the luxurious material.

It’s currently unclear when the Premium Sport Package will go on sale, but when it inevitably does expect a slight premium (no pun intended!) over the standard car.

[Via Autoguide]

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