Many automotive speculators predicted the death of the supercar a few years ago. Even Jeremy Clarkson had a bleak outlook on the future. Fortunately however, the next couple of years are shaping up to be some of the most exciting in recent decades due to the plethora of new automotive superlatives set to hit showrooms all over the world.

Not only is Lamborghini preparing to launch a replacement to its best-selling Gallardo, a whole new hypercar market is set to be created with the successive launches of the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari F150, McLaren P1 and in a few years’ time, the Audi R20.

In the latest episode of Shakedown for the YouTube Drive channel, Leo Parente previews these upcoming supercars and asks the question as to why such supercars shouldn’t be raced at Le Mans and other endurance racers.

If you were ever doubtful about the future of supercars, then this video is definitely for you as it’s bound to get you excited for what’s heading our way very soon!

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  1. I’ll place serious odds that Supercars WILL be legislated out of existence thru out the World by no later than 2015

    I’ll also wager that every current Supercar manufacture will either have to change their course of action ( go race instead of street etc ) or go the way of the Dodo

    Finally I’ll bet you half the proposed Supercars on deck never see the light of day

    Any takers ? … Though not !


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