Bugatti Chiron Golden Era: A Bespoke Masterpiece Unveiled

An unnamed collector commissions a tribute to Bugatti's history. The Chiron Super Sport Golden Era emerges as an artful celebration.

For the ardent admirers of automotive craftsmanship, the Bugatti Chiron Golden Era is the embodiment of bespoke magnificence. Bugatti offers its customers an almost infinite realm of customisation possibilities through the Sur Mesure programme. Yet, one particular Chiron Super Sport Golden Era stands out, emerging as a luminous example of the pinnacle of customisation.

It’s not just a car. This is a two-year-long art project, exuding the passion and admiration an unnamed collector holds for Bugatti’s illustrious over-a-century-long history. A staggering 400 hours went into crafting the exquisite artwork that adorns the car, making it a living testament to unmatched craftsmanship and dedication.

But what makes this car truly extraordinary is the authenticity in its detailing. The former Bugatti Design Director, Achim Anscheidt, was clear about one thing: the car’s designs had to be genuine. It was this ethos that led the team to use specialist pens to hand-draw designs directly onto the vehicle’s paintwork, ensuring every stroke resonated with Bugatti’s rich legacy.

The car itself is a visual narrative. On the passenger side, one can admire 26 meticulously drawn designs, showcasing icons like the Type 41 Royale. In contrast, the driver’s side unveils 19 sketches, each documenting Bugatti’s evolution from 1987 onwards. This side pays homage to contemporary marvels like the EB110, and not forgetting, the legendary W16 engine.

Yet, the artistry isn’t confined to the exterior. Slide into the car, and you’re greeted with an interior that’s equally impressive. The door panels are canvases featuring hand-paintings of distinguished Bugatti models. The Golden Era’s presence is felt throughout, especially with intricate stitching and a proudly displayed “One-of-One” emblem, highlighting the car’s exclusivity.

Though the masterpiece’s exact price remains veiled in mystery, one can speculate it ascends well into the multi-million range. But, for those hoping to catch a glimpse of this one-of-a-kind Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, it is set to shine at the Monterey Car Week. After which, it will find its home in the gallery of an incredibly fortunate and undoubtedly wealthy collector. A true celebration of Bugatti’s golden era, this vehicle is automotive artistry in its purest form.




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