The Bugatti Bolide was first revealed in late 2020 as a thought experiment, it presented Bugatti’s vision of a lightweight, track-only hyper sports car built around the W16 engine with incomparable performance.

At the Quail in August 2021, Bugatti announced that the bolide would be a limited production of just 40 units. The Bolide was set to be the most uncompromising model from Molsheim and it represents a new level of engineering, aerodynamic and technological renovation.

Bugatti developed a quad-turbo W16 engine for the Bolide then built the lightest possible car around it. The minimal bodywork was designed to ensure maximum downforce, efficient cooling and exceptional power-to-weight ratio. Bolide generates an output power of 1,600 PS in its final form and weighs only 1,450 kgs to better the 1:1 ratio.

The exterior of the Bugatti Bolide features a newly shaped carbon monocoque compared with Chiron, new engine mountings that makes the suspension three-times stiffer compared to the Chiron and uni ball suspension bearings that gives the driver more precise feedback. In addition, the new carbon monocoque meant re-engineering components such as the transmission, cooling and suspension. The Bolide uses 3D-printed titanium rockers to create lightweight and intricately shaped components.

The W16 engine of the Bolide always operates on all four of its turbochargers. The engine has been tuned to deliver higher revs per minute and paired with a modified transmission to ensure an even sharper performance.

The Bolide has been fitted with heat-resistant carbon-carbon brakes, new callipers that generate and absorb heat, 390 mm brake discs, carbon covers to protect each wheel from extreme heat from the brakes and 18 inch tires. Additionally, the slick tires fitted at the rear can only be found on LMDh vehicles racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

The Bolide prototype is ready to begin its next phase of development testing. First deliveries of the vehicle will start in 2024 with the production limited to 40 units at a net price of 4 million euros each.

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