California-based car tuner VF Engineering has found a solution for drivers with forced induction BMW M3s with their new VF540 Supercharger System. This is after realizing that not many of these drivers are able to use their forced induction M3s as a daily driver car due to the higher revolutions needed to achieve optimal power.

VF Engineering created the VF540 Streetsport based on the Vortech V3si supercharger. The VF540 borrows the V3 blower from the Vortech V3si that spins the supercharger at a lower rpm resulting to a wild mid-to-top end power throughout the power band. The power increases to 540hp and 370lb-ft of torque hence its name.

Most notable is their new plug and play ECU upgrade with their HEX Flash system that has enhanced throttle response in both comfort and sport modes. It allows for remote tuning utilizing their USB to OBD2 cable. The Hex Flash cable is capable of loading multiple tunes and also functions as a diagnostic cable capable of clearing engine codes. One can flash back to stock when selling the car to a new owner.

VF Engineering is offering the VF540 at $8,295. There are two more systems namely the VF620 rated at 625hp and 400lb-ft of torque and costs $13,495 and also the VF650 rated at 650hp and 420lb-ft of torque costing $16,495.

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  1. Missed the boat. VF is the last to the forced induction M3 game on the E9x. Ess and AA have been in the game for years with high quality products that looked nothing but mimicked by the Vf kits.


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