BMW has unveiled a tantalizing glimpse into the future with its study of the Vision Neue Klasse X, hinting at a near-production version of the upcoming iX3. This exciting new model is set to debut in Autumn 2025, kickstarting a suite of six new electric models built on a novel platform.

BMW is reinventing itself with a fresh core that stems from the heart of the brand. Currently aligning with Mercedes in their focus on larger, more lucrative models, BMW is poised for a significant shift in 2025. The iX3, heralding the first model of the so-called “new class,” is set to hit the market in the third quarter of 2025. The term ‘new class’ may resonate nostalgically with BMW enthusiasts, hearkening back to the early 1960s when BMW, after a turbulent period, reinvented itself with the original ‘new class’. This era saw the introduction of dynamic family saloons like the BMW 1800, which offered a performance range of 90 to 130 hp between 1963 and 1971.

The upcoming ‘new class’ of 2025 is about more than just a single car; it signifies a complete overhaul of BMW’s portfolio, encompassing production, development, value creation, and platform. “The new class is exclusively designed for electric vehicles,” clarifies BMW’s Head of Development, Frank Weber, indicating a departure from combustion engine models despite ongoing strategies for shared components. The new BMW iX3, sharing design and technical features with the BMW i Vision Dee study showcased at the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, leads this new era. Following the iX3, five additional BMW models will be released by the end of 2027, aiming to form the core and backbone of the brand.

In terms of propulsion, the BMW iX3 and i3 will feature the next generation of the current electric motors, offering rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, and delivering power between 200 and 500 hp. Notably, the upcoming BMW 3 Series promises unparalleled performance in its class, with an i3M variant expected by 2027, boasting over 600 hp and a top speed beyond 250 km/h – a first for an electric BMW.

The interior of these vehicles will be furnished with ample recycled materials, backlit textile elements, and abundant space for five passengers, alongside a radically new information concept. Along with a large central display, the driver will receive information via instruments behind the steering wheel and a 3D head-up display. A technical highlight is the “Panoramic Vision,” a display extending across the full width of the lower windshield, engaging all passengers with varied content.

The battery technology will transition to a contemporary 800-volt electrical system, significantly increasing the charging speed from a maximum of 205 kW to over 270 kW. This is made possible by the newly used round lithium-ion battery cells, allowing for a 300-kilometer top-up in just ten minutes. Improvements in the drag coefficient (cW value) by about a fifth are expected to bring additional advantages in performance and range.

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