The iconic Mercedes G-Class undergoes a subtle yet significant model refresh, soon to be joined by an eagerly anticipated electric version. As the G-Class from Graz continues to be one of Mercedes’ most successful models, the new iteration, set for a 2025 debut, is poised to enhance its legacy. Despite the excitement around the electric model, many customers are expected to still opt for the combustion versions.

The new G-Class, almost five years into its lifecycle, will receive modest updates that may not be immediately apparent. These include new lighting units, a redesigned grille, and slimmer A-pillars. Technologically, the G-Class maintains its robust base package of ladder frame, three mechanical differential locks, and a terrain reduction gear with a solid rear axle and independent front suspension. However, its Offroad Cockpit has been redesigned for easier operation.

The vehicle’s off-road capabilities remain impressive, with a 100% slope climbing ability, at least 24 centimeters of ground clearance between the axles, a maximum fording depth of 70 centimeters, and the ability to handle inclines of up to 35 degrees.

The G-Class’s engine lineup sees changes, with the eight-cylinder engine reserved for the popular AMG 63 version. This variant boasts 430 kW/585 hp and a peak torque of 850 Nm, augmented by a starter-generator and a 48-volt onboard network providing an additional boost. The sportier version of the G-Class can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds, with a top speed of 240 km/h.

For those seeking less intensity, other combustion engine options include the Mercedes G 500 with a 330 kW/449 hp inline six-cylinder engine, and the Mercedes G 450d powered by a 270 kW/367 hp three-liter common-rail diesel engine. All models feature a nine-speed automatic transmission, distributing torque 40% to the front and 60% to the rear axle.

A notable addition is the hydraulic roll stabilization and adaptive damping suspension, available either as a standalone option or as part of the Offroad packages. Inside, drivers can enjoy new assistance systems and two 12.3-inch instrument displays with touch controls, complementing the high-tech suspension in the luxury off-roader, priced from a minimum of €122,800.

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