This 2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie has been doing the rounds on social media lately, as it is being sold in Bitcoin at where the description reads:

This left hand drive hypercar is located in Netherlands. Worldwide delivery is of course available.
We’ve asked the seller to provide proof of possession by taking a picture of a newspaper next to the VIN, and that’s provided in the picture gallery as proof that it’s a real car and listing. The Valkyrie is not registered yet, and comes with a Certificate of Conformity.

The seller has a partner from Germany to go in person along with the car once/if they make a deal, and Car for Coin will assist along the way to reduce risk for both parties. Proof of funds and wallet address of buyer is required upon agreement of sale. I’d recommend that the buyer also travels to Netherlands to see the vehicle before sending full payment.

The Valkyrie brings an 1139-horsepower hybrid V-12 and a IMSA GTP prototype race car design. The top speed is 220mph, and it’s designed to make your eyes bleed in the corners. It’s limited to about 150 units with a starting price around $3.5M. The weight is estimated to be 2850lbs.

The assigned VIN for this car, as published by the seller, is SCF4KRB46NGS70074 as can be seen by the side of a local newspaper proving its authenticity.

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