German tuner Kicherer has released their Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Yachting and included a range of upgrades to the German AMG saloon car.

The Germans fitted the four-door saloon with RS-1 forged wheels in size 20 inch on the front axle and in size 21 inch on the rear axle. The chassis frame has been optimised by means of electronic adjustment. A braking system with steel flex brake lines and full-cover film in star-graphite complement the exterior package.

In terms of power, the engine performance of the 5.5 liter biturbo has been raised to 625hp and 860Nm. The removal of the Vmax blocker ensures that the CLS 6.3 Yachting can now reach 300km/h. Kicherer also fitted a limited slip differential and powerconverter, which increases the sense of acceleration by neutralising the moment of inertia on the electronic accelerator pedal.

Inside the cabin, the tuner designed an exclusive Yachting outfitting in which leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber have been used.

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