Dallas Performance LLC has showcased one of their latest project; a twin turbocharged 1,200hp Lamborghini Gallardo. According to DP, the customer felt the need for more power after installing the stage 1 package.

Their Stage 1 package features a twin turbo system fitted to the stock engine, which provided 650whp with 93 Octane Fuel and 800+ whp with E85 or VP C16 Race Fuel. The Dallas-based US tuner upgraded the 2004 Gallardo fitted with its LP560-4 front bumper with a Stage 2 kit, featuring a twin turbo system with forged engine internals. The result was an extra 300whp. The total performance went from 900whp to 1200whp.

The package is priced at $64,900 for the 2004-2008 Gallardo while the 2009-Present Gallardo sets you back $67,900.


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