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Bugatti Veyron Replica Spotted in Atlanta Again!

Bugatti Veyron Replica Atlanta

The grey Bugatti Veyron replica we reported on last year appears to have been spotted in Altanta again. This time more details have been made public allowing us to reveal that this Bugatti replica, probably one of the best we’ve seen, is built on Nissan 350Z. Apparently two examples exist, a grey one and a white one, although it still remains a mystery as to who built the cars.

According to a member over at Luxury4Play, the kit cost the owner $90,000 dollars on top of the original price of a Nissan 350Z. While that’s quite a lot to pay, it looks infinitely better than other Bugatti Veyron replicas we’ve reported on before. Take for instance, the red and white ‘roadster’ in India or the Honda Civic example.

Enjoy the pictures from DriveCult, ls1tech and FerrariChat and let us know what you think of the car!


  1. I have never understood replicars. Why would anyone want to drive a fake car and try and pass it off as the real deal? And the more expensive the car it is based on is, the bigger a douche you look like.

  2. That is an awesome car.

    Matt: someone who loves the look of a car but could never afford one or afford to run it, or simply doesnt need a massive engine and all the what not a replica is awesome.

    that veyron would cost jack all to run and at the end of it all you can look at it and feel good.

  3. > Shawn – Seriously ? You really don’t get it do you ? ( see Matt’s post )

    Oh but wait . You’ve probably got a counterfeit Rolex on your wrist , bought the girlfriend a knock off Gucci and purchase Pirated DVD’s and CD’s …… as well ….. Am I correct ?

  4. It is entirely beyond me as to why someone would spend over $100,000 to make a car that is a fake. For that Price you can have a real Audi R8, Porsche GT3/Turbo?etc, Nissan GTR (with mods), hell even a solid Ferrari F355 or a 456. There are epic cars to be had for that so why on earth would you ever spend it making a fake abomination that will just be hated on. And the worst part is, the owner knows its a fake……the world is full of phony posers trying to make people think they are something they’re not. Its pathetic and makes me respect people who are genuine….at any level…..far more. A stock miata is a nicer car than this because it is what it claims to be. This “Veyron” is nothing but pure bullshit. End of story, it cannot be defended.

  5. @ Shawn

    AutoArt makes a model of a Veyron that can be had for around $300 for people who like the look of the Bugatti but cant afford one.

    In fact, for $100,000 you can have the model Veyron, AAAAANNNNNDD a real Nissan GTR with $15k in modifications, probly around 700whp…..not a whole lot less than a real bugatti puts down.

    So it is impossible to argue in any way, why someone would want to make a fake Veyron out of a Nissan……unless they are a complete twat with a microscopic penis that they need to compensate for.

  6. more FAKE is that i personally talk to the guy who own it, and told him that it is a good work and the best replica i ever seen and he got kind of piss and start saying that it was real bugatti, and i was like look man you can fool all this people that they may not know a thing or 2 about cars but you can not fool me that i been a car fanatic since i was a kid and worked on cars, the worst this is the sound, but that is just my opinion still the detail and the hard work that was put in this project still pretty good….

  7. I actually have a few good picture of both of these replicas together in Atlanta, would be happy to send them to the publisher of this article if you email me with the address provided in order to comment.

  8. i also have pics of these two cars together on the main strip of atl. i was thier back last april for the ncaa tournament and saw them

  9. Who the heck is the maker? Supereplicas claims to make it but they are a scam and G Force replicas is the only other supposed maker, but they havent taken credit for them. So who built them?

  10. Most rappers drive replicas, what's the big deal? I think its smart rather than spend a million when no one can really tell the difference.

  11. Except in this case you can tell the difference. It's pretty easy to tell that there is not millions invested in engineering in this replica. It's cars like these that give a bad name to replicas and clones.


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