After the double Hummer H2 accident we saw at the start of the month, we thought we’d never see the same scenario again. We were wrong. A Hummer H2 was recently found by Washington State Fish and Wildlife Police having fallen through six inches (or fifteen centimeters) of ice on Moses Lake in the North Western US State.

The Hummer was abandoned with its keys still in the ignition so officers tried, without luck, to contact the owner by telephone. It turns out that, after checking the owners house, the car had been stolen and driven onto the lake where the accident occurred. The owner was on holiday and had no idea that his property had even been broken into!

We’re told that the Hummer H2 was a late model. At over 3,000kg in weight thanks to a 6.2 litre V8 engine and a bulky frame, it’s no surprise that Hummers are too heavy to be driving around on frozen lakes. Lets hope we don’t see another Hummer H2 related icy story anytime soon.

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