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Hummer H2 Falls Through Moses Lake In Washington

Car Crash: Another Hummer H2 Falls Through Ice in Washington

After the double Hummer H2 accident we saw at the start of the month, we thought we'd never see the same scenario again. We...
Two Hummer H2's Fall Through Ice in Hungary

Two Hummer H2’s Fall Through Ice in Hungary

A GTspirit reader sent in these pictures of two Hummer H2's that fell through the ice at Lake Balaton, Hungary over the weekend. Temperatures...

Car Crash: Drunken Driver Crashes Hummer H2 in Lithuania

This weekend, in the Lithuanian village Kishkenay, a drunk 28-year-old woman crashed her Hummer H2. The pictures do show a rather heavy crash, if...

Overkill: 213 Motoring Hummer H2

Just when you thought the Hummer H2 couldn't get any uglier, along somes a Japanese company to slap on an extra axel and six...

Video Of The Day: Hummer H2 Powered by ‘Horses’

Combining the accient history of horse-drawn carriages as the chosen method of transportation with the extravaganza of the pimp-style Hummer H2 is not the...

Chrome Hummer H2 by CFC

Maybe you are the next pimp to drive this Hummer H2. Tuner CFC from Weilheim Germany has trimmed its massive SUV with a chrome...