Chrome Hummer H2 by CFC

Maybe you are the next pimp to drive this Hummer H2. Tuner CFC from Weilheim Germany has trimmed its massive SUV with a chrome lamination. The hood is covered with a black carbon finish. The side windows, along with the rear window, were furnished with a classic-style colour.

They also installed 28-inch TunerShop light-alloy tyre rims together with mammoth-sized 325/35 R28 pneumatic tyres by Kumho. Wimmer supplied a performance upgrade up to 480hp, LSD wing doors, as well as a Fox sports exhaust system.

Inside the cabin there are some enhancements as well. You will spot some car entertainment like 17 Axion displays (on the ceiling, sunscreen, central console between the front seats, trunk and doors), a DVD-player, XBox Game Console, Xetec amplifiers, Xetec subwoofers and digital television. For your personal music a 1.360 Watt RMS music system is available.

To finalize the setup they have installed front and backward movement cameras simplifing the parking process and right next to your seat you have a mini-bar.

Any comments on this ‘wonderful’ creation normally driven by rappers and R&B artists?

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  1. That’s horrible and tasteless and bad to ride in. :(

    First it looks awful tacky.
    I think the car is only for show offs because the ride will be very uncomfortable and the handling will be worse as it can get.
    Besides that I would only buy a Hummer when I want to go offroading because that’s what a Hummer can do.

    btw. Guys at CFC you failed miserably when you now introduce that showcar because the Hummer brand is killed by GM… :p

  2. That looks epic, minus the vinyls ofcourse. and im glad hummer is killed off

    1: its not gonna be some chinese crap
    2: my H3 will gain value :P


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