A GTspirit reader sent in these pictures of two Hummer H2’s that fell through the ice at Lake Balaton, Hungary over the weekend. Temperatures in Hungary have been as low as the rest of Europe recently, causing parts of the largest lake in central Europe to become frozen. It seems the owners of the two Hummers expected the ice to be much thicker than it actually was!

Both cars had to be towed out from the beach of Balatonakarattya when the ice gave way underneath them. Both drivers have been given fines of 20,000 Hungarian forint, which sounded impressive until we realised it converts to only 70 Euros! Still, the damage to the cars will probably be enough of a deterrent to stop the drivers from trying their luck again.

Thanks to Simon for the story and the pictures.

UPDATE: Thanks to MC-bubu we can now bring you a video of the cars being removed from the lake.

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