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Car Crashes: FBI Crash an F50

We’re used to seeing exotic cars wrecked. Over the past year we’ve seen Lamborghini LP640’s, Porsche Carrera GT’s and Mercedes McLaren SLR’s all bite the dust. Some of the circumstances have been rather suspect and this F50 crash just goes to show that even the law are prone to slip-ups. This F50 was crashed by an FBI officer after it was confiscated in a drugs raid earlier on in the day.

The FBI were quick to put the accident down to bald tires… which nobody believed… It’s more than likely that the officer, Fredrick C. Kingston, accelerated heavily causing the back end to step out and the car to end up in the position we see it in now. The official statement tells us that Kingston received a cut to the head as a result of hitting his head on the window, the damage looks as though it could reach 5 figures…

[Via Autoblog.nl]



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