A Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 is a dreamcar for almost everybody. Sadly enough owning a car like that doesn’t always stay fantastic. Over the past ten days we saw three Lamborghini Murciélago LP640’s being totalled. The first accident happened in Ukraine and is due to high-speed and bad roads. Three days later almost the same yellow LP640 got totalled in Russia, probably because of the same reasons.

And today, we received pictures of a black LP640 that got totalled in Poland. When seeing the pictures, we believe that you all know the reason for this crash.

1) Yellow LP640 – Ukraine:

2) Yellow LP640 – Russia:

3) Black LP640 – Poland:

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  1. Well this is what happens when you put rich dumbasses behind the wheel of a supercar..They just dont understand the power that these cars hold….they should take driving lessons befor going for 200mph topspeeds on busy shitty roads lol

  2. @LamborghiniMan

    You think your smater than them but clearly your not because they’ve clearly made the money too afford these cars!!!!!!

  3. my god thy must have been coming in full speed…….poor lamborghini`s…….i wish i had one i would take care of it… its not that they dont take care of it but on the road there are some stupid people………….


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