Our second Murcielago crash of the day is much worse. It involved a Russian registered LP640 driven by the 17 year old owner and serves as a reminder why young people are not supposed to own such cars. Apparently nobody died in this accident… which is a minor miracle judging from the pictures.

This has to be one of the most thoroughly detailed crash site photos we have ever seen. We can see that the LP640 hit the curb and smashed up a whole side before coming to a rest on it’s side, next to a lamp post. We are told it’s a high speed crash and judging by the debris we are inclined to agree.

As to the exact circumstances of what happened, we are not sure. The most obvious observation is that the inexperienced driver carried too much speed, lost control and caused all the collateral damage we see in the photos. There also looks to be three cars involved, the Lamborghini, a Ford Mondeo and a Taxi.

It’s not rare for LP640’s to be involved in accident’s, take a look at this post from earlier on in the year when we reported on three that happened around the same time. Take a look at the horrifying pictures…

Update: Jalopnik.com recieved word from MosNews of the true reasons for this accident. They confirmed that nobody had been killed in the four car smash, however, they had an… interesting… story to tell. Apparently the accident happened at 124mph when the 22 year old driver, Yuri lost control. The reason? He was ‘distracted’ by his 16 year old passenger who suffered serious injuries from hitting his head on the steering wheel. A gay sex lamborghini crash… now we’ve seen it all…

It’s also reported that an imported Honda Civic was lost in the crash, the owner is still in hospital with head injuries. It turns out that the Mondeo fire was caused by a stray Lamborghini tire hitting it’s gas tank as well. All in all, this is one of the stranger accidents we’ve heard about…

[Via SexAuto]

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