Top Gear Season 17

The Dutch Top Gear Magazine reports that Top Gear Season 17 kicks off on Sunday June 12th 2011 with the first episode of the new season. Last week Jeremy Clarkson and James May were seen at the University of Lincoln with two electric cars for the upcoming season of Top Gear.

As usual the new season of Top Gear airs on BBC2 on Sunday night 8pm GMT. As usual we will publish a small preview and reminder prior to it! Share your opinions / expectations or wishes for the next season of Top Gear in the comments below!

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  1. Last season had to be the worst they have filmed to date. Fingers crossed for more car reviews/tests other than pure light entertainment…

  2. Fifth gear seem to have improved there show this season. Anyone else know of any good car shows with current detailed reviews/news?

  3. Agreed Nitropro, it was indeed the worst season this far. They were clearly lacking real car reviews, instead of just building a snowplow…

  4. Yeah the Snowplow was the bad and boring bit but the US special and the Middle East special were very good. What I can’t see anymore are some tests and fights between an R8 of some sort against a 911 of some sort. Hope to see more brilliant cars this season.
    Looking forward to it :)

  5. @Nitropro, I know about some german shows that I watch sometimes. ‘Abenteuer auto’ on Kabel eins – it’s boring. ‘Auto motor und sport’ last time I watched it was on DSF, I don’t know if still exists – less boring, but still. ‘D Motor’ reruns on DMAX – something like TopGear with Tim Schrick, Sabine Schmitz and Carsten van Ryssen, more car tests. I like it. Tim and Sabine have new show called ‘Turbo’ on Sport1, but I never watched it. And of course the french tv AB Moteurs, but they speak only french :D Which is a problem for me. I barely understand what they are talking about.

  6. @Nitropro yeah my opinion is pretty the same. This show became quite annoying, e.g. in 2003-2006 I always watched entire episodes, while now only about 10 mins of average review at the beginning and then I can turn off the TV without any regret. Miss those races with trains, planes even they are always scirpted.


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