Video Koenigsegg Agera R Swedish Road Test

Guys at were the first journalists to drive the brand new Koenigsegg Agera R in Sweden. The hypercar from Scandinavia was one of the highlights at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show about a month ago. The video shown below includes journalist Erik Gustafsson driving the epic supercar on arctic roads.

The Agera’s 5.0 liter V8 engine produces 1,115bhp running on E85 bio-fuel, a full 205bhp more than the standard car. Weight is up 40kg as a result of the power gains; the car now weighs 1,330kg. The package will cost £ 132,000 on top of the normal Agera which itself costs £ 875,000. For full technical details on the car, visit this link.

Interestingly enough, despite not having a four-wheel drivetrain, Koenigsegg are selling the Agera with a £ 17,593 roof-box and a set of Koenigsegg Skis!

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  1. It needs the “top gear” wing not this one,, ugghh….
    Not feeling the review at all.. I mean theres only so much you can do in a snowy road..but still… was pretty boring.

  2. Hi;
    It was so intresting!
    Agera is the world best car maybe.
    That ski box is removable and you can put it away and use the real roof.
    And did you know that Koenigsegg is working for 15 years?!
    They could make the best car just in 15 years!
    This shows that how good company this is.


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