Video 800hp Gumpert Apollo Lapping Monza

Our Italian friend Marco aka Marchettino got the chance to drive a couple laps of Monza as a passenger in the 800-horsepower Gumpert Apollo supercar. The Italian car enthusiast filmed the laps and uploaded them to YouTube. He says:

I went for an incredible ride in a friend’s Gumpert Apollo, the ONLY ONE in Italy! The car has been modified and now produces 800hp, the same as the not street-legal Apollo race version! Video shows me inside this beasty machine for a couple of laps at the Monza racetrack. From the inside you can hear the lovely sound of the twin turbo engine and it’s really impressive how fast is this car in the corners! I really want to thanks the owner for this amazing ride, be sure to take a look at his website if you want to join his trackdays events

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