MC Stradale Styling Kit for the Maserati GranTurismo by DMC

The official MC Stradale from Maserati is not even out, but the German tuners from DMC have already managed to come up with a styling kit. The kit does not only refines the MC Stradale, but also turns the regular GranTurismo into a MC Stradale!

DMC was able to get hold of one of the original MC Stradale automobiles, that were used by Maserati in their global GT Race competitions, which certainly helped a lot for the development of this kit. The German engineers have decided to call the styling package Grande Sovrano, which is italian for “Great Ruler”.

A brand new front bumper adds the 2011 MC Stradale Look, but it is refined by the carbon fiber front splitter. The front hood has a total of three air-vents, one each left and right that consists of three air-stairs, and the centric cooling vent. The side skirts were completely new designed as well. An u-shaped carbon fiber trunk rear wing is combined with a massive three-finned carbon fiber rear-diffusor.

Under the hood, a water-cooled turbo-cooler is making sure that the air is on energy-friendly temperature. While the regular GranTurismo S had 440PS, it now has 600hp and a maximum torque of 588Nm. The luxury sports car now only needs 4.5 seconds until the 100km/h mark, and the maximum speed is increased up to 315km/h compared to the 295km/h that you normally get from the Maser.

DMC also added a set of diamond-forged rims. The front comes in 9,0Jx20 Zoll and the rear adds 12,5Jx21 Zoll sized rims.



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