Overkill: Ferrari 458 Italia Camouflage Livery

Anov, one of our forum members came across the following pictures showing a camouflage livery for the new Ferrari 458 Italia. The foil livery was made by CamShaft.de.

What do you think is this too much?

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  1. nope not at all, almost all foils are temporary, plus theres no neon lights or gold platinum bling rims

    semi original if anything but not overkill

  2. I’m only guessing here, but it might be Jon Olson new car (Swedish professional skier). He have outfitted a Gallardo with that type of camouflage before (and a with a roof box!).

    Picture of his old Gallardo: http://autostrada.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/lamborghini_gallardo_angle_side_ski_box.jpg

    Picture of his Murcielago (this one is also outfitted with a roof box): http://autostrada.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/lamborghini_murcielago_jonolsson.jpg

  3. I quite like it. I agree with the first comment “semi orginal but definitely not overkill” At least it doesn’t hurt my eyes. decent paintjob.

  4. Although I agree that Ferrari’s belong in traditional Ferrari colors, I don’t think this is overkill. It actually looks quite nice, it was not overdone.

  5. Normally I hate aftermarket paint jobs and liverys but this actually looks really cool. Maybe it will be an option on Gran Turismo 5….

  6. The camo might be good for a rally like Gumball where it is a good eye-catcher, but for every day use?
    C’mon, don’t make urself look stupid.

  7. its NOT overkill. look quite nice, Im sure its vinyl wrapped as thats the trend these days.. and its obviously for an occasion dont think its gonna be all of its life with that on..

  8. excuse my french – complete and utter rubbish. it should be driven off a cliff, after being doused in gasoline and coated in hot tar.


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