Yup another overkill! This time it was spotted in Monaco by jeegee a member at Autojunk.nl. This “lovely” Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe got new rims and an unbelievable sticker wrapping of Louis Vuitton, a French fashion designer of luxury leather luggage. We truly hope the German driver got a nice authentic piece a luggage suiting the car.

[Via Autojunk.nl]


  1. I think it’s Prince Markus’ car. I think I saw him in one that looked like this and on the first pic the driver looks also like him.

  2. Oh no this is just terrible, how can one do this to a car like that????? I think it looks like crap. No matter how much money you have why would you want to take a great car and make it look a art work I don’t understand this at all.

  3. I actually like the paint, its colorful and fun. (See the Rolls-Royce Corniche from the N.E.R.D. music video “Hot ‘N’ Fun”.) My main complaint would be those dumb rims. :P The car would look better with traditional rims.


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