Project Khan specialises in creating the type of look that footballer�s enjoy. Huge alloy�s and plenty of luxury trim are the standard upgrades that Khan apply to a range of luxury vehicles, from the Lotus Elise to the Bentley Continental. Recently, Project Khan announced that they have expanded this range to include the Rolls Royce Drop Head.

The Roll�s has been given a relatively subtle treatment, the wheels being one of the only noticeable exterior differences from the �standard� car. They�re 22 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches in depth and have been designed to incorporate the original centre cap�s so as not to be too �loud�.

The interior of these cars have modifications such as carbon fibre or even gloss black steering wheels and lambs wool rugs. The company provide many of these option�s so therefore it�s largely up to each individual customer what they would like to have in their customised Roll�s. It�s been repoted that the modifications on this version of the Drop Head cost approximately �316,000 (�400,100 or $470,000).



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