For a while, rumours of a V-Spec version of the Nissan GT-R have been floating around the web. The first official pictures and details of the car were released today by Nissan and later, four Spec-V�s were shown at Nissan�s Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Upgrades on the standard car start with a set of Carbon Ceramic brakes, the first to be put on any production Nissan to date. They�ve been reported to save significant amounts of weight as well as increasing the stopping power. There�s and over boost button which increases boost for 80 seconds to aid for manoeuvres such as overtaking, it�s mounted on the steering wheel together with the cruise control. There�s also a new spoiler which is higher than the standard, it�s made from dry carbon fibre both for weight reduction purposes and to give it a sporty look.

Cosmetically there�s a new colour added to the range �Ultimate Black Pearl� which has a bronzed purple look under the light. There�s a wealth of carbon fibre on the inside including the new Recaro carbon fibre bucket seats. The new wheels are from Nissan�s motorsport partner NISMO and reduce weight also.

Under the bonnet there�s a new Spec-V cover to tell the car apart from the standard. There�s a new titanium coated exhaust system to release a little more potential out of the Nissan�s twin turbocharged V6. There�s no word on whether the Spec-V will be sold outside of Japan, however the price will be set at 15,750,000 yen, including Japanese tax. That translates to �97,600 or �123,900 or $159,100, that makes it just under twice the cost of a standard GT-R!

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