Remember the article we posted about the Murcielago SV? Well… we have our first (semi) clear details of what the car’s main features will be via a series of presentation’s Lamborghini are giving this week in Singapore to valued customers. It seems a number of our speculations were true, whereas a small number of others were a little off.

To start with, the car will be named the Lamborghini LP670-4 SV and will lose approximately 100kg of weight. There will be a gain of 30hp as the car’s numerics suggest and the AWD will be staying. This will result in a 0-62mph figure of around 3.2 seconds and (dependant on which wing the owner chooses) will be capable of a 212mph (342kph) top speed. Carbon Fibre will be used all around and a number of aerodynamic tweaks, including a re-designed front nose, will alow the car better handling.

Carbon ceramic brakes will be standard on the SV and an option of an SV badge on the side will also be provided to the customer. Only 350 SV’s will make it onto owners drives at a 25% premium over the standard car, in singapore that’s $1.1 million! That could be as much as

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  1. Hi,

    Abu Dhabi, UAE, was actually the first place they showed it. That’s where they decided to show it to its valued customers first. They wouldn’t let us take any photos or even have our phones on us.

    I did manage to get a photo with Stephen, after the lambo was covered up properly.

    To be honest, there wasn’t much difference between the LP670-4 and the existng LP640.

    As an owener of an LP640, i say go for it, if the credit crunch hasn’t hurt you that much. Plus, there are only 350 of them. That’s special.


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