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SSC Ultimate Aero II Shows Backside for Top Gear

The SSC Ultimate Aero II story continues with a new picture showing the backside of the new record breaking hypercar. Shelby Supercars has allowed...

275mph Aim for SSC Ultimate Aero II

According Top Gear magazine, the SSC Ultimate Aero II is aiming for a top speed of 442,57km/h (275mph) with the help of a 6.8...

First Pictures SSC Ultimate Aero II

I suppose we knew this was going to happen. SSC, the company who broke the Bugatti Veyrons production car record, have unveiled plans for...

Top Gear Magazine Hints at Koenigsegg Record Attempt

It seems that Top Gear Magazine paid a visit to Koenigsegg's facility in Sweden just two days after watching the Bugatti Veyron SS complete...