SSC Ultimate Aero II Leaked

I suppose we knew this was going to happen. SSC, the company who broke the Bugatti Veyrons production car record, have unveiled plans for a new ‘Ultimate Aero II’. Undoubtedly, the company are chasing the recent record set by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports at 431km/h (268mph).

Whilst no info is available on the car at this moment in time, these photos, leaked to Jalopnik, show a very different car to the out-going SSC Ultimate Aero.

SSC Ultimate Aero II

The video shows the car being unveiled to a select few potential customers at this years Pebble Beach Concours. In it, Jarrod Shelby promises they will have full-scale running prototypes by the middle of 2011. We will let you take a look for yourself, afterwards, tell us what you think in the comments box below!


  1. Americans, dont you even think that you will make a greater than a European, you are all about big hp and big cars but you are missing the point, the car should be fun and exciting like the Veyron SS and not only record breaker, thats why the the rich Arabs still bought Bugattis even if they were not anymore record brakers.

  2. this looks like a facelifted maserati MC12. same colour trends too.

    it may be faster than the veyronSS. but it will never compete with it. Veyron’s top speed is only one of its features ;)

  3. I live right next to where this was built and saw the aero TT in person, and met Jerod, absolutely awesome, can’t wait to see this one in person also and see them smoke the Bugatti SS.

  4. Nervous, i only be nervous if you could name a proper american car (not based in a european one) that can beat Pagani Cinque @ Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit.
    This SSC Ultimate Aero II will be like a Space Shuttle, but with wheels. It will suck at cornering.

  5. Grow up kiddies! Bugatti, SSC, Pagani etc are the big boys of the super car industry and all of you poor children can whinge and whine about which is better while you wait for your balls to drop!

    The reality is those of us who can afford these cars usually have one from each company! We dont pick BETWEEN the cars, we just buy both because they are both amazing!

  6. listen it all comes down to this – European’s build a car for 10 years utilizing all the latest and greatest technology and then we’re all supposed to marvel at how their fastest car does so by having 37 intercoolers and 24 radiators and 3 flux capacitors. IT’S a CAR

  7. BUILT FOR SPEED IN A STRAIGHT LINE. American’s look at the end goal and build a chassis and body in a wind tunnel that support that goal, put a HUGE ass motor in it and beat your stupid record in less then a year and say what was the big deal?


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