Delta 4×4 will be converting the luxurious Rolls-Royce Cullinan into a serious off-road vehicle.

To achieve the conversion, the team would first be required to create more ground clearance. This would require fitting the vehicle with large wheels with improved lift mounted on off-road tires with maximum grip across all terrains i.e mud, sand and snow.

To create a true expedition vehicle, the vehicle will be equipped with a solid roof rack for holding traction plates, sand shovels, water canisters, boxes, front bracket for installing additional lights and possibly a roof tent.

In addition, for more than 30 years, Delta 4×4 has been using Japanese PIAA headlights which are the most reliable solution in the market for an off-road vehicle. The headlights have been shock tested for up to 4X gravitational acceleration.

Additional options include a snorkel system for surveying deep water bodies and a stable undercarriage protection. This also includes a protected exhaust system which ensures high-performance with less restrictions.

The Cullinan has been fitted with a set of 20 inch delta Force Real Beadlock wheels combined with massive 33 inch Mickey Thompson tires. The tires cost 15,000 euros, the new fender flares for accommodating the wheels cost 14,000 euros, the PIAA headlights cost 2,500 euros and the minimum 80 millimeters lift starts at 15,000 euros.

Additionally, the vehicle is now 150mm taller thanks to the additional lift and the large wheels. The Rolls Royce Cullinan can be converted to the off-road tuner for approximately 150,000 euros as a complete package.

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