If there is anything that 2020 has taught us, is not to trust anything with a “union” or “organization”. They will do anything to further political agendas. Particularly the car industry in Europe has been a playground for politicians to flex their failed college ideologies. First was the car designs, then came engine size, then the sound, now we are at lighting. Next you know the accelerator pedal will be illegal – no kidding!

The latest directive from these do-nothing law makers is a ban on the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy found on Rolls-Royce cars. Anyone who ordered the $4,500 option will have to remove it and replace it with a standard silver one. This however only applies to cars within the European Union. The reason given is that the glowing Flying Lady violates the laws of light pollution! (yup, first year college ideologies that couldn’t get a pass.)

We have already witnessed the effects of sound restrictions on sports cars from Europe. And even though the rest of the world remains unaffected by these laws, we don’t know how long that will last. All it takes is the transfer of these ideologies from one “union” to another.

The situation has already reached critical levels for foreign car makers like Subaru who had to withdraw their sports car from the European market. The beloved Jimny was not spared too, it’s probably the most ‘green car’ you will ever see. No? I hate the thought of it but if this keeps happening without sane intervention, then tougher times lay ahead for the car lover.

Suzuki Jimny

via Daily Mail

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