Last week, Rezvani revealed a new version of the Tank. The US manufacturer has been producing the Rezvani Tank for a couple of years. Looking like a post-apocalyptic extreme SUV, the Tank now has the powertrain to match.

The Tank gets a new 6.2 litre Supercharged V8, lifted directly from the Dodge Demon. The output is boosted by a series of updates carried out by Rezvani that push output to 1,000 hp and 870 lb-ft of torque. Rezvani claim that it is the most powerful SUV on the market.

The Rezvani Tank is built using a steel body-on-frame design. It gets on-demand four-wheel-drive as standard for all trims. It’s biggest USP is its rugged exterior though. The company describe it as the perfect antidote to the daily driver.

“The new TANK is easily the toughest and most powerful production SUV in the world”, says CEO Ferris Rezvani. This is likely true with the option of ballistic armour including Kevlar plating, bulletproof glass, military-grade run flat tyres and underside explosive protection. Whatsmore, customers can also order electro-magnetic pulse protection and an intriguing self-sealing fuel tank.

Fox Racing suspension, Dynatrac axel sets with air lockers, an air compressor and optional Fox Racing 3.0 Internal Bypass Shocks keep the Tank planted.

Inside, Rezvani have applied a touch of luxury. Many elements of the interior are custom including seat style, stitching, and the color of the gauge clusters. There are leather surfaces, a suede headliner and a 7.9 inch infotainment screen with all of the mod-cons.

Prices start from $155,000 (we think this applies to the lesser models) with armoured versions starting at $295,000. Of course, the rest of the range is also available with an entry level 285 hp 3.6 litre V6, 500 hp 6.4 litre V8 and a 285 hp 3.0 litre diesel all available. The 1,000 hp version will be on display at Monterey Car Week this week.

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