Today Gordon McCall and 3,000 guests celebrate the start of Monterey Car Week 2019 with a display of cars, jets and motorcycles at Monterey Jet Center. As co-founder of The Quail, judge and curator Gordon McCall is a fundamental part of the Monterey Car Week and together with his wife Molly he organises the 29th McCall’s Motorworks Revival which is held since 2000 at this location at Monterey Airport.

Gordon McCall Monterey

Follow the red carpet from the entrance to the main hanger and you will pass a picture-perfect display of planes and cars. Gordon McCall says “There is no plan for what goes where. I have a rough idea in my head but the last two days I spend placing the pieces exhibited today like a puzzle.” And what a great puzzle it must have been; over 100 cars, motorcycles and jets are spread across the tarmac and the Monterey Jet Center hangar.

And there are some real gems among the cars on display at this year’s McCall’s Motorworks Revival. How about the McLaren F1 Longtail #27R and a stunning new Singer Porsche. Volkswagen brought the ID Buggy to McCall’s Motorworks Revival and right next to it there is a display of two RUFs straight from Germany: a CTR3 and modern CTR ‘Yellow Bird’.

But there is a lot more to see at the Jet Center today. It is all in the name with over 10 jets and planes for the audience to inspect. Gulfstream shows its new Gulfstream G500 private jet with exceptionally large windows, a range of 9,630 km and space for up to 19 passengers. On the other side of the red carpet Dassault shows a 900EX which gained the nickname ‘the bandit’ for its mask like eyes. And Brazilian plane manufacturer Embrear brought two of their latest models out.

McCalls Motorworks Revival Monterey Jet Center

In between the cars, planes and motorcycles there are stands with watches and local and international cuisine. What better way to enjoy some good stories about a Isle of Man winning motorcycle than with a glass of champagne in one hand and a caviar blini in the other.

When we ask Gordon McCall about his favorite car on display this year he says “it is not easy to chose as they all add something to the event and they all have a story. But this year I did bring my wife’s Mercedes-Benz 280 SL.”

Regarding the planes McCall is really proud to be able to show the B-25 bomber that served in world war II. It provides a striking contrast with the modern jets.

The McCall Motorworks Revival 2019 did not disappoint and forms a perfect start for what is to come at Monterey Car Week 2019. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for live updates and more stories from Monterey.


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