The Jaguar F-Type has reached a point where it needs a little attention to prop up sales. Jaguar have been flogging F-Types for 5 years now with a model line up that has changed very little. In that time, competitors have emerged, such as the AMG GT, which give the F-Type a run for its money. This perhaps goes some way to explaining why we are reporting on an F-Type rally car!

A unique F-Type rally car was revealed today to celebrate 70 years of sports car heritage for Jaguar. The cars are based on the Jaguar F-Type Chequered Flag Limited Edition models. They feature the 2.0 litre, four-cylinder Ingenium engines producing 300 PS. Jaguar have used the convertible which gets additional roll-over protection, uprated brakes and suspension as well as race-seats and a bonnet mounted light pod.

The F-Type is fully compliant with FIA specifications with softer springs and a hand built three-way adjustable damper system. It is finished with motorsport tyres, a limited slip differential and a hydraulic handbrake.

Jaguar’s inspiration was a Jaguar XK 120 which, at the hands of Ian Appleyard, completed three consecutive Alpine Rallies without incurring a single penalty point. The XK 120 also managed to win the 3,400km-long, pan-European Tulip Rally and the 1953 RAC Rally of Great Britain .

The Jaguar F-Pace rally cars have already received a shake down on the Walters Arena rally stage, South Wales. They will be present at a number of Jaguar events over the next few months. While you cannot buy one, you might be lucky enough to see one in action!

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