A thin slither of hope emerged today as news circulated about a potential return for the discontinued Dodge Viper. It won’t have escaped your attention that Dodge discontinued its iconic sports car last year amid poor demand and its alleged inability to comply with FMVSS 226 regulations which require new cars to be fitted with side curtain air bags.

The rumours suggest that Dodge will do away with the classic V10 engine in favour of a naturally aspirated V8 engine. Whilst its competitor, the Corvette, looks set to switch to a mid-engined layout, the Viper will retain its trademark front engine, rear wheel drive setup.

The new Viper’s engine will probably be shared with the Challenger range with a 550 hp version likely for entry models and a 700 hp Hellcat version to follow. Convertibles will hit the market first with Coupe’s to follow. Pricing is expected to start at around the $90,000 mark, increasing once the hardcore ACR version is released.

Dodge will likely use an aluminium spaceframe setup with carbon fibre bodywork. Given that Dodge closer the Viper factory last year when the previous generation model was discontinued, it is expected that the 4th generation model will be built by an outside contractor.

The Viper is likely to have stiff competition from its American rivals.

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  1. A lot of rumors are circling, rumor has it will share its platform with the Maserati GranTurismo’s successor.

    Another one says it’ll get the currently under development (allegedly) naturally aspirated Banshee 426 V8 (7.0L 520+ hp & torque) destined to go in the upcoming Ram Rebel TR for the base models & a second generation Hellcat from the next Challenger Hellcat & Ram Rebel TRX for the higher models.

    Another rumor says it won’t be called a Viper.

    Another rumor says a concept will be revealed in Detroit ’19 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Viper concept & a production car will come later as a MY21 or 22.

    Of course being an FCA project means take it with a grain of salt.


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