We think this render by ‘almasera‘ of what could have been the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon is rather handsome, but unfortunately the Italian automaker recently disclosed that a wagon version of their hot Giulia sedan is not on the agenda. This leaves us to look forward to the Giulia Sprint coupĂ© next month in Geneva.

The main reason Alfa Romeo will not move forward with a Giulia Wagon is that the model would be too much like the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the brand’s first crossover. Head of Fiat Chrysler Europe, Middle East and Africa Alfredo Altavilla said: “We have decided not to make a Giulia Sport Wagon. Do we really need it if the SUV Stelvio handles so well? Probably not. With our fine tuning, the Stelvio can interest all those people who might have been interested in a Giulia Wagon.”

This means that the decision to discontinue development of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon was probably taken not too long ago, given that the CEO of Alfa Romeo, Reid Bigland, announced the Giulia Sport Wagon would be the brand’s next production model after the Stelvio during an interview back in November.

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