Ferrari are know globally as a brand that builds some of the most passionate, speed infused machines the world has ever seen. The Italian manufacturer is burdened with the expectation of designing and creating beasts that drop jaws in shock and awe, but consistently remind owners and admirers of the rich heritage that comes with il cavallino rampante. Rarely do they disappoint. There are generations of gorgeous models that are then tweaked and hardened resulting in cars such as the F12 TDF and 458 Speciale, offerings that redefined their respective categories. If those were not hard enough, Ferrari push the limits further still with their XX programmes where savage monsters such as the 599 XX, Enzo FXX and La Ferrari based FXX K are introduced.

We are yet to see an F12 based XX car, but emilano took it upon themselves to render an 812 XX and it looks mean with some serious aero and XX branding. Given the 575 and 599 both spawned track racing machines, it can only be a matter of time until we see an F12/812 animal being offered to Ferrari’s closest and well heeled to blast around on track in. Until then we can drool over such renderings and dream!


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