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McLaren P1 Pick-Up and Wagon Renders are Truly Bizarre

We love a good render here at GTspirit. What we have here is a perfect example of why. As much as we could hope for such a car to become reality, it most likely won’t. Render artists like to take the ordinary and take them to levels on insanity that will most likely never be released, this time with a McLaren P1 in ‘PUTE’ form.

I have chosen my words wisely saying that such a project is highly unlikely as I said the same about BMW ever making an M3 pick up truck…and then they did with the E92 M3. Aside from the P1 pick up that sits on F1 wheels, Yasid Design also worked on a P1 Shooting Brake/Wagon that looks slightly more aesthetically pleasing.

One thing is certain, they would be quick! The McLaren P1, in standard form will travel from zero to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, zero to 200 km/h in under 7 seconds, and zero to 300 km/h in no more than 17 seconds. This is thanks, in part to the Instant Power Assist System (IPAS) which is essentially KERS, for road cars. Putting the 300 km/h statistic into perspective, this is 11 seconds faster than the legendary McLaren F1 road car. Top speed is electronically limited to 350 km/h.



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