Update: Photos removed as per request of the owner.

Do you ever dream of stumbling upon a lost collection of rare automobiles? Well, the person that opened the screechy doors of this barn probably had to pinch his arm twice.

Upon opening the doors these forgotten garage ponies enjoyed their first rays of daylight since they were last touched back in the 1980’s. This isn’t just some ordinary barn find either, among the dusty highlights are several Lamborghini Countachs, a Porsche 911 Speedster with only 41 miles on the clock and an original Shelby GT500 once commissioned by the late Carroll Shelby himself.

And that doesn’t even cover half of the forgotten collection. The reportedly in California found automotive treasure also included a Buick GSX and a 1969 Hemi Charger.

It will take more than just a simple dust-off, but imagine what some of these absolute pearls will look like once fully checked, polished and restored. Hopefully we’ll get notice once some of these cars have passed their long overdue check-up. Thanks for the coverage of one the coolest barn finds of this decade, Vince!

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  1. hi this is vince, who found these cars. i would appreciate it if you could remove this article out of respect to the vehicle’s owner. i sent you a message via instagram as well.


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